Saint Patrick’s Day: Seven Wonderful Ways To Celebrate And Three Ways To Avoid!

Published 4. March 2022 on Storytime Solidarity

Calling all children’s librarians and preschool teachers to help bring authentic Irish culture back to Saint Patrick’s Day.

Ms. Christina

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Ms. Christina shares best practices for Saint Patrick’s Day on Storytime Solidarity.

Eeny Meeny Miny NO: How You Can Rid Your Storytime Songs of Unintended Racism

Published 31. October 2021 on


by Ingrid Christina

Are you serious? The song “Five Little Monkeys“ (FLM) used to be “Five Little N-words?” I’d been hearing that casual racism was in the very fabric of modern life. I’d been trying to listen and grasp this point, though I didn’t really get it. But when my youth services colleagues started talking about not using “FLM” in their story times anymore, and I looked into the reasons why, I suddenly saw the problem in sharp detail and felt that I had to do something. Here’s how I have been dealing with latent racism in my children’s programming ever since.

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