Teacher Christina (she/they)

Teacher Christina is an early literacy and language teacher and former children’s Library Associate sharing new, original songs and rhymes for kids and grownups to enjoy together⁠. She is an Outschool “ACE Educator” and Music and Media Consultant for Storytime Solidarity. She is an LGBTQ+ND mom and spouse, and she makes her work inclusive for all families and neurotypes. Her content is free to use for educational purposes and free from harmful origins.

Ryan McCoy (he/they)

Ryan McCoy is a visual artist, designer, and university professor — he handles everything for Sing, Rhyme, and Play regarding cameras, sound, lighting, editing, and coffee.

Our Story

Sing, Rhyme, and Play with Ms. Christina started in Spring 2020 as our family’s quarantine project. It came about as a way to generate early literacy content that I — and librarians, teachers, parents, and caregivers — could easily use online or at home with their young kids. This channel draws from my experience as an ESL teacher and seven years as a Library Associate in the children’s department of a large public library. Now I teach early literacy classes for ages 3-8 on Outschool — come join my circle time!

The video content on this channel is free to use for educational purposes — virtual or in-person — and free from harmful origins. The lyrics and chords are in the video descriptions. Videography and design by my very own Ryan McCoy.

May these songs, rhymes, and games make fun additions to your circle times, story times, and anytimes together with your kids. To boost the literacy benefit, turn on the Closed Captioning (CC)!

Current Offerings

Outschool Classes

Small online group classes for children ages 3-8 to learn directly from Ms. Christina.

YouTube Videos

Early literacy songs, rhymes, and games for early childhood educators to use for educational purposes.

Coming Soon

Live Performances and Children’s Books