Sing, Rhyme, and Play seeks to:

  • Instill a positive association with learning in children ages birth to five

  • Strengthen the child/caregiver bond

Hallmarks of Sing, Rhyme, and Play include:

  • High-quality content
    • Original content – inclusive by design
    • Classic content – screened for harmful origins

  • Music and movement as learning tools

  • Early exposure to multiple languages

  • Simplicity of sound, visuals, and lyrics

  • Slow and deliberate pace

  • Acoustic/analog format

  • Choice – let the child decide
    • Where and whether to sit, stand, or dance
    • When to participate and when just to listen

  • Occupying the hands

  • Reading every day

  • Visiting the library often

  • Making new, original content free to fellow educators for educational purposes

  • Collaborating and sharing best practices with fellow educators

The Sing, Rhyme, and Play method derives from multiple sources: