Ms. Christina’s Early Learning Tips (ELTs) – why singing, rhyming, and playing with your kids is a fun and easy way to promote early learning and literacy.

Storytime Solidarity – a website with oodles of resources for children’s librarians and preschool teachers: books, songs, crafts, etc!

Storytime Solidarity Facebook Group – a lively Facebook group for library programming support.

Library for the Kind – a Facebook group for fostering diversity, inclusion, and equality through children’s books.

Librarians with Ukes – a supportive group of ukulele-playing librarians.

Amazing Educational Resources – an expansive group for classroom and library needs.

Songs with a Questionable Past – a Google doc for researching the origins of children’s songs.

Learning through play: Strengthening learning through play in early childhood education programs – a presentation by the Lego Foundation and UNICEF, 2018.

Wim Hof Method Guided Breathing for Beginners – a daily guided breathing exercise for cultivating calm, balance, and well-being, and minimizing stress, overwhelm, and burnout.